So Chicago can come together.



So Chicago can work together.



So Chicago can build together.

Are YOU Historically Chicago?


The days following The Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the true spirit and soul of every Chicagoan was revealed. Facing insurmountable obstacles, the city’s leaders and the Relief and Aid Society took action and set forth plans allowing Chicago to rebuild and persevere. Keeping in this historical spirit MOVE is calling upon every Chicagoan to help us create OUR best Chicago. One that stands the test of time. One providing opportunities to every person seeking a chance to shine. Now is our time to create a new story for Chicago, one that we can all be proud of. Are YOU, Historically Chicago?


MOVEmakers: Pay It Forward

As an on-going initiative, MOVE Chicago Forward will be hosting a 60-day online charity auction to generate donations and increase awareness about our MOVEmentum. Kicking off the auction, is a custom tailored suit worn by #90, Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers. MOVE will be continuously adding new items and experiences to our WILL WORK FOR CHANGE auction over the next two months, so make sure you visit often to see what we have in store!

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Some of Our Supporters


MOVE Welcomes Aly Bockler to the Team!

We are proud to welcome MOVE Ambassador ALY BOCKLER to our team! Aly is a hard working Chicago-gal, making a difference throughout the city by highlighting the extraordinary people, places and events in and around Chicago. As a media personality for WCIU’s You & Me This Morning, Aly is constantly “On the Block” rolling up her sleeves and participating in Chicago’s community.

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"MOVE is going to change the way we think and act when it comes to our great city. It’s my dream"

Kane Clamage, Executive Director

"I am so excited and a proud supporter of this MOVEmentum"

Christopher Foltz, Founder of Social Policy Institute

"I joined this movement to spark conversations and create a bigger impact"

Adrian Dalton, Operations Director

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Rather than sitting down to write a business plan, or create an ‘investor-pitch’, I took a step outside myself and considered these very questions. My answer was simple: it’s not about me, it’s about YOU! It’s your definition of MOVE; it’s your dreams for Chicago – it’s a MOVEment, not a race.



Move Definitions

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